Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards


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-The distinctive attribute of our lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations trigger friction and warmth about them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that particular region. This micro coating is 5 periods the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metallic, filling in all the asperities and removing friction around time.
-The coefficient of friction is the least expensive in the field of Tribology at .003% generating a in close proximity to frictionless area. Mostly simply because the nanoceramic compound removes all asperities.
-Particularly reduced water washout
-Corrosion on the within of the bearing is practically eradicated..409″ designed in spacers
1mm designed in speedrings
Green rubber seals to maintain dust and debris on the outside the house of the bearing.
Lubed with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease
Precision 8mm axle holes



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