Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Comprehensive Skateboard



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Powell Peralta is an American skateboard corporation established by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. The corporation rose to prominence in the eighties as skateboarding began maturing as a activity.

All Powell-Peralta Ligament decks have 1 wider, extra strong polymeric strap, instead of the 3 skinnier straps that have been located in the authentic Ligament. The reinforcing strap is robust and adaptable, like the Ligaments that link your muscle groups to your bones. Even when you crack the board, the Ligament strap will maintain your deck collectively permitting you to experience out of it, instead of carrying out the groin-tearing splits. Ligament decks weigh the identical as a seven-ply maple deck, but have extra pop, continue to be rigid lengthier than standard boards, and prevent the deck from at any time breaking into two parts for the reason that of the Ligament in each individual 1.

Powell-Peralta Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Comprehensive Skateboard Details:

  • Deck Shape: 126
  • Deck Bottom: Screened
  • Deck Concave: K12
  • Deck Wheelbase: thirteen.75″
  • Deck Duration: 31.625″
  • Deck Width: seven.625″
  • Deck Nose: seven”
  • Deck Tail: 6.625″
  • Wheel Core: No
  • Wheel Diameter: 54mm
  • Wheel Width: 37mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 99a
  • Wheel Formulation: PGD Tremendous Large Rebound
  • Wheel Colour: Purely natural
  • Wheel Prompt Use: Road
  • Wheel Surface area: Treaded
  • Truck Width: seven.63
  • Truck Make: Golden Dragon

Affordable full skatebooard for each beginners and sophisticated riders
Large-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels offer terrific roll and grip
Grippy major board steps seven.625 inches wide
Colorful display-printed bottom
Designed in China and designed to demanding specifications