Destructo D1 Heritage White/Black Mid five. (Set of 2)



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Destructo vehicles provide pc refined geometry, precision machining, and SuperFormula bushings. This makes sure each individual Destructo responds with clean, reliable turning each individual session. Eliminating unnecessary pounds and adding core structural enhancements will make each individual Destructo light by layout, inherently robust, and designed for present-day skateboarding. Weapons Grade Aluminum. Thermo-hardened Axles. Superformula Bushings & Pivots. Lifetime Warranty.Regular Journey Peak | Easy, Responsive Turns
Weapons Grade Aluminum | Thermo-hardened Axles
Superformula Bushings & Pivots
Lifetime Warranty | Sold as established of 2
five. is advisable for 7.625″ – 7.875″ board