Destructo D1 fifty-fifty Raw/Black Mid five.five Vehicles (Set of two)



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$39.ninety nine


Destructo vehicles offer pc refined geometry, precision machining, and SuperFormula bushings. This makes sure every single Destructo responds with clean, reliable turning every single session. Removing pointless pounds and including core structural enhancements makes every single Destructo light by style and design, inherently solid, and developed for today’s skateboarding. Weapons Quality Aluminum. Thermo-hardened Axles. Superformula Bushings & Pivots. Life span Promise.Conventional Journey Height | Easy, Responsive Turns
Weapons Quality Aluminum | Thermo-hardened Axles
Superformula Bushings & Pivots
Life span Promise | Bought as established of two
five.five is recommended for eight.125″ – eight.375″ board